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Press Release- GFA reacts to misleading media reports

Jan 8, 2013, 10:43 AM | Article By: Bakary B. Baldeh Media Officer

Reference to some recent Media articles and reports attributed to the GFA Normalisation Committee and its normalisation process, I write on behalf of the football body under its Normalisation Committee to refute the articles and reports intended to misguide the perception of the general public on the normalisation process of Gambian football.

Reports that FIFA has denied Gambia of its Financial Assistance Programme (FAP) until an elected executive is put in place are not only erroneous but misleading and totally incorrect.

Let me begin by enlightening that the FIFA Financial Assistant Programme (FAP) is primarily meant to augment the structure and development of Member Associations of FIFA, which The Gambia is also enjoying since its inception years ago.

The world governing body has prerequisites for all member associations to meet before any FAP monies would be disbursed.

The Gambia maintains the luxury of receiving the monies on two installments and on each occasion, an audit report is sent to FIFA for approval.

The Normalisation Committee is continuing its business at the GFA Secretariat in full cooperation and collaboration with FIFA.

In this connection, we regret the misinformation that was recently circulated and used in some media headlines and even on the social networking site facebook.

This is not only incorrect but illogical because the GFA through the Normalisation Committee is the arm of FIFA in The Gambia and that any of such developments from the world governing body would be directly communicated to the GFA, which we are not aware of.

Let me further repeat that the information purported to be from FIFA envoy Primo Carvalho, who is reported to have said that the FIFA Financial Assistance Programme (FAP) to The Gambia is being upheld until an elected executive is in place, is totally misguiding and incorrect.

The Normalisation Committee continues to do its work at the GFA Secretariat but calls on all interested parties, particularly the media, to ensure that information from the GFA Secretariat is factual and correct for public consumption.

Let me hasten to say that the doors of the Gambia Football Association (GFA) are always open for enquiries and its Media Unit is proactive to providing clarifying press releases, which all media establishments have always been receiving regularly.

Besides, the Normalisation Committee has its Spokesman who alternatively can shed light on any of your enquiries or doubts and is at anytime ready to answer to you.

 While praying for God’s guidance and well wishes, I further pray that the New Year 2013 would be a year of fulfilling positive dreams for Gambian football and a continuation of our good and collaborative partnership.