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Press release from the Shrine Development Committee of the Catholic Diocese of Banjul

Dec 7, 2012, 10:08 AM

This year marks 26 years since the Shrine to Our lady Queen of Peace was founded in Kunkujang Mariama.

This year’s pilgrimage is planned by the Catholic Diocese of Banjul to be celebrated in a solemn and grand fashion.

The realization of this goal, however, calls for the collective effort and involvement of all members of the Gambian Catholic Community at home and abroad.

The Shrine development committee has been working assiduously to prepare for this year’s pilgrimage, which will take place on Saturday 8 December 2012.

The day’s programme begins with Adoration of the Holy Eucharist at 8am to be followed by the prayer of the Rosary and Stations of the Cross. Holy Mass will begin at 12 noon.

The Shine Development Committee is soliciting the involvement of all parishes and parishioners, young and old and this revolves around awareness raising and mobilization of financial resources.

On behalf of the Bishop of Banjul, Most Reverend Robert P. Ellison C.S. Sp, we extend our invitation to His Excellency the President of the Republic of The Gambia, Sheikh Professor Dr Alhajie A.J.J. Jammeh and government ministers, our Muslim brothers and sisters and all the people of The Gambia to come and pray with us on Saturday 8 December 2012 at the Shine of Our Lady Queen of Peace in Kunkujang Mariama.

The day’s ceremony begins at 8am.