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Poor harvest

Dec 15, 2011, 3:04 PM

Reports reaching this paper from different parts of the country have revealed that farmers in the country would not record a bumper harvest this year.

Farmers have been complaining of poor yields due to lack of enough rainfall.

Farmers in some parts of the country are not anticipating even three quarters of their last year’s harvest, we learnt from our regional correspondents.

While some farmers will still do well, it was observed that most farmers including rice and groundnut farmers would harvest less.

This is a worrying situation, and seems to be bad news emanating from our farmers.

We therefore recommend that something urgently be put in place to rescue our poor and hardworking farmers.

Reduced harvests in the country could be problematic, when prices of basic commodities have already been escalating.

We urge the Ministry of Agriculture to put together an assessment team to determine the extent of crop failure, and the likely impact on the country’s food supply.

We further urge that assistance be made to help the poorest and most vulnerable people through the months ahead, to enable the poor farmers cope with the situation.

If a national crop failure is ascertained, something urgent should be put in place to help the farmers not only for their survival, but with seed-nuts ahead of the next planting season.

Poor harvest would, no doubt, have a serious impact in our national food self-sufficiency drive.

We must develop ways and means of addressing the plight of our farmers sooner.