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Political Maturity

Jan 14, 2009, 5:48 AM

Among the things other African countries should learn from our brothers in Ghana are the lessons of political maturity, social reconciliation, respect for the rule of law and to forgive and forget each other in our dealings.

When our London correspondent, Ahlagie Mbye, spoke with Ghanaian Deputy High Commissioner recently he stated that a few things were responsible for the peaceful first and second round of voting in his country.

According to the diplomat, political maturity, justice and an electoral commissioner trusted by all contestants, as well as the nature of brotherhood of the Ghanaians, also contributed to such success,

"It takes a lot to make a Ghanaian angry or use violence. They are hospitable, nice, accept criticism and can solve many situations through dialogue rather than resort to violence," he said."

This statement goes to show, not only we in Africa but the entire human race, that until we learn to accept, trust and embrace each other, life will be meaningless. Before the second round of voting kicked off in Ghana, many were worried that if restraints were not exercised, this once peaceful country may also plunge into another Zimbabwe/Kenya type of situation. However the Ghanaians have once again demonstrated to the whole world that no matter what happens, they can forgive and forget the past and forge ahead. We say congratulations to Ghanaians!

Another issue that is worth noting in the Ghanaian diplomat's statement is the need for security personnel to cut their house off from political activity and remain neutral at the utmost level. The Ghanaians also told The Point that they were glad for such maturity including the fact there were no reported cases of thuggery, fraud, malpractice or other election-related violence before, during or after the elections, adding that both the army and the police and other law- enforcement agents were neutral. This is food for thought for all the security apparatus in the sub-region.

"The ballot is stronger than the bullet"

Abraham Lincoln