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Police Sub-inspector Testifies in court

May 6, 2009, 5:29 AM | Article By: Sainey MK Marenah

In his attempt at helping the prosecution prove their case beyond all reasonable doubt, Sub-inspector Lamin Jammeh appeared in court as the prosecution's third witness in the ongoing case involving one Absa Ndong who is alleged to have stolen from a dwelling house.

While testifying before senior Magistrate Abdoulie Mbake, Lamin Jammeh adduced in court that he went with the accused and the complainant to the accused residence and conducted a search in the accused room.

Sub-Inspector explained that he made a search in the cupboard and found a lady's bag in which was a key.

Sub-Inspector Jammeh further told the Court that the complainant, Nyanga Hydara, confirmed to him that the key belonged to her.

As he continued to establish evidence, Sub-Inspector Jammeh adduced that as he continued with the search he could not come across any other missing item apart from the key.

He told the court that he later asked the accused how come the key was found in her bag, but the accused retorted that she was surprised to see the key in her bag.

At that stage the police prosecutor applied for the key to be tendered as court exhibit.

It will be recalled that the accused, Absa Ndong, on or about the 15th February 2009 at Fajara stole from the house of Nyanga Hydara a jewellery box containing six gold bangles, two gold chains, earring valued at D80, 000 and 10,000 CFA and 40 Dirham.