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Police Officer testifies in accident case

Jan 7, 2011, 12:52 PM | Article By: Binta Fatty- Gitteh

Sgt Manneh, a police officer, recently testified in the rash and negligent act causing death involving one Zakariya Jallow, at the Bundung Magistrates' Court before Magistrate Foster.

In his testimony, Sgt 1446 Manneh told the court that he is a police attached to Brusubi Police Mobile Traffic Unit and that he recognised the defendant, Zakariya Jallow.

On 27 day of August 2010, at around19.30 to 20.00 hours, I was at the charge office when an accident case was reported along Brufut Tanji highway.

"I visited the scene and realised that it involved a vehicle and a peddler. The vehicle involved in the accident had already escorted the victim to the Lamtoro Health Centre.

"I visited them at the Lamtoro Health Centre were it was confirmed to me that the victim had passed away," he explained.

The prosecution's first witness further told the court that he then went back with the defendant to the scene of the accident were the sketch plan was drawn and he later took the defendant to the station.

He said all necessary checkings were done and the accused was later served with a warning letter.

He identified the warning letter, tendered in court as exhibits A and B, without any objection from the defendant.

"Through my observation, the victim had already left the road from the right side to the left, while the defendant was trying to overtake a station vehicle on the right," he added.

He said he lost control and went to the other side of the road where he hit the victim.

The case was adjourned till 17 January 2011.