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Plaintiff in AB RENT A CAR case concludes testimony

Aug 14, 2013, 10:57 AM | Article By: Dawda Faye

Seedy Cham, who sued AB RENT A CAR at the Kanifing Industrial Tribunal for wrongful termination, on 12 August 2013, concluded his testimony before Chairman Junkung Jobarteh and his panelists, Njie and Cole.

Seedy Cham told the tribunal the Labour Department gave him a copy of a letter written by the defendant, stating the reason why they could not attend the previous meeting.

Garba Cham, who was representing Seedy Cham, applied to tender the said letter and the defendant’s counsel, Salieu Taal, did not raise any objection. The tribunal admitted the document.

Seedy Cham stated that the defendant wrote a letter to him, inviting him to a meeting.

Garba Cham again applied to tender the letter and no objection was raised by the defendant’s counsel. The letter was admitted by the tribunal.

Seedy said he replied to the letter written to him by the defendant, telling them that his representative had travelled and could not attend the meeting.

Garba Cham then applied to tender the letter and the defendant’s counsel did not object to the tendering of the letter. The tribunal admitted it.

The plaintiff narrated that after he handed the letter to the defendant, his service was terminated.

When Garba Cham applied to tender the termination letter, the defendant’s counsel did not raise any objection, and the tribunal admitted the termination letter.

Seedy further told the tribunal that he gave a copy of the termination letter to the Labour Department who called him, and he subsequently brought the matter to the tribunal to seek redress.

He told the tribunal the defendant stated in his termination letter that on 18 June 2013 he should meet the management to be paid for the days remaining in May and his services, adding that he was only paid for May and his service was not paid for.

Garba Cham at this juncture applied to tender a letter stating payment for May. Salieu Taal did not object to the tendering of the said letter, which was admitted by the tribunal.

Seedy further said he did ask Lamin Touray why he was only paid for May and not for his service.

Lamin Touray, he explained, told him to get out of his office with his verbal service.

The case was adjourned till 9 September 2013, for cross-examination.

In another development, the case involving Karamo Sanneh and the Gambia Teachers’ Union could not proceed and was adjourned till 19 August 2013, for the defendant’s counsel, Kebba Sanyang, to continue his cross-examination of the plaintiff.

Gambia International Airlines case will come up later this month.

Laico Atlantic Hotel case will be heard on 19 August 2013.

The case involving Lena Gomez, who sued the former Alkalo of Manjai Kunda for allegedly demolishing her house, killing her pigs and selling her land, will resume on 22 August 2013.