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PL Coker's Nursery Receives Holland Help

Nov 30, 2009, 3:38 PM | Article By: Manlafie Badjie

PL Coker's Nursery School at Bakau New Town over the weekend received benevolence from two friends in Holland.

Mr. Musa, the Head of the PL Coker Nursery School at Bakau, said Carla and Lex from Holland are their friends who have sent 935 Euro to add value to their school.

"The school was built in 1969 and really stands in need of help," he stated.

According to Harouna Sowe, a Gambian living in Holland, when he was coming home Carla and Lex who live close to him asked him to bring the money for the school before their arrival in December 2009.

"We have now bought materials and are packed here ready for use. We have now set up a website and many people are responding. We are not only going to help schools but the health sector as well. I am a Gambian and I love my country. I shall help in my own way because the children can grow into anything," he said.

Mr. Musa, the Head Teacher said Carla and Lex visited the school in December 2008. On their departure, they left 75 Euros to repair a hole they had seen in the roof. He said their communication continued and they designed a website in Holland (www.helplexgambia.nl) through which they had collected some funds to assist the school. He said they had earlier asked him to send them names of needy families, whom he said, were accordingly assisted.

"It was not long they told me of Harouna Sowe's visit with the money," she said.

Mr. Musa thanked the proprietor, Mrs Precilia Coker for the school, on behalf of Carla and Lex.

The Head Teacher, Mr. Musa thanked their donors and asked other able Gambians to emulate Mr. Sowe and join hands to do more for the country.

"We still need help as our school is thirty years old now," he concluded.