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Philanthropists Help the Needy

Dec 3, 2008, 5:47 AM | Article By: Augustine Kanjia

A lady philanthropist from Denmark has intensified her assistance to the needy with the help of several other Danish people joining her in the venture.

Susanne Peters, who had come as a volunteer nurse to The Gambia and worked at the Serekunda Health Centre, has continued to help the needy in society with the help of 14 new members joining her to help those Susanne has been helping.

According to Susanne Peters, she has some needy children she comes with assistance for. They visited part of Bakau where clothes were given to kids and some adults in the area.

At the school she is sponsoring, Lend A Hand Nursery, the 15 Danish people were moved with pity when they supplied each student with a bag stuffed with other useable materials including socks, underwear, pencils and rulers.

According to Susanne Peters, it all started in 2004 when she worked at the Serekunda Health Centre. "I was coming to donate items but there was no water and I had to come to help get water in the school. I have bag for each kid. Education is my area, I want to see many of the kids educated," she said. She said she does volunteer work in Kafuta village, Kotu, EboTown and a lot at the Health Centre. "I spend my three weeks holiday doing volunteer work," she said.

She sponsors 156 children with the help of some of her friends in Denmark. She said her friends admire the work she does so they join in to help. "156 children is too much for me but I shall soon expand. Further distribution will be done in EboTown at her Skill Centre," she added.

Lansana Sanyang, the founder and headmaster of the school, said he has 153 children in his school from Nursery one to three. He expressed their joy for the tap in the offered by their friends. Sanyang made the children demonstrate the skills they have taught them and they answered eloquently. He said, "Our scheme is an international one. We follow the scheme of the country and it is helping a lot. We are proud of our donors who have made us proud today."