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Peace Corps in The Gambia

Nov 1, 2011, 12:35 PM

United States Peace Corps volunteers are marking their 50th anniversary and 45th year in The Gambia.

Since their coming into the country, decades ago, Peace Corps have been and are still supporting The Gambia in many development fields.

Their support in The Gambia’s education, environment, and health sectors, among others, is well noticed and appreciated by the host communities in which they serve.

They can be found helping to boost these and other sectors throughout the country, especially in the rural areas of the country.

They sleep, eat and work with rural communities in helping them improve their living conditions.

Peace Cops volunteers have touched the lives of many Gambians, including young and old, men and women.

On this historic occasion, we would like to thank all those Peace Corps volunteers serving in The Gambia, and those who once served in the country, for impacting positively on the lives of Gambians.

The willingness of the volunteers to spend part of their lives in the country is a real show of commitment on their side in serving humanity.

The volunteers bring along a wealth of experience in their various fields of specialization, which is helping the country in achieving its development aspirations.

They have been promoting understanding between them and locals, while helping them acquire news skills and technologies.