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Pay your debts!

Feb 17, 2010, 11:37 AM

We are very much concerned about the arrears owed to us by institutions and organisations, as some of them are yet to settle their long-standing debts.

While many have not paid their advertisement arrears, several others are yet to pay their newspapers' subscription, thus adding to their bills on a daily basis.

The issue is of serious concern to us, simply because we depend entirely on it for our survival, more so the maintenance of the newspaper.

As a matter of fact, we need to pay staff salaries, settle utility bills, and pay dues to the government and others.

It is against this backdrop that we solicit the cooperation of our esteemed customers to please settle their arrears, and pay their bills on time.

It's very important that one pays for the services provided to you, either by an individual or institution.

Hence, customer/media relationship is reciprocal, we urge all and sundry to play their part in fostering good relations, so as to avoid any inconvenience caused to the other party.

As partners in development, we obviously need each other in the business, particularly under this current economic crisis, when things are not moving well.

Though it is not our intention to take legal action against anyone, if the situation continued to happen unabated we would be compelled to do so, which in turn may not go down well with you.

There is no gainsaying that some of the debts have taken several years to settle, and that without a proper accounting system, it would be impossible to compute the sums involved with a human brain.

Most dishearteningly, we made a series of follow-ups, but up till now some of them are yet to settle their debts.

This is ridiculous and, indeed, unfair to us as a business entity contributing to the socio-economic development of the country.