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Paul Put Should Be Rewarded, Declares Gambian Players

Oct 8, 2008, 6:15 AM | Article By: Ebou Manneh

There is no doubt in the view of the Gambian senior national team players that their head coach, Mr. Paul Put is great and a real professional. They all expressed their satisfaction with him and maintained that he should be rewarded.

Pointsports went around to meet the players to have their views on the Gambia- Senegal game, but the most topic that came up was that the coach should be rewarded for his wonderful job.

Speaking to Pointsports, the vice captain of the team, Mathew Mendy said that things are now different from used to obtain before. "Paul is not only a coach to us, but he motivates the whole team too. We are like one family and we enjoy his training sessions and I think he is the best coach I have ever worked with at national team level".

Vice Captain Mendy added: "We need him and we know that the FA don't have the needed finance, but with the help of the private sector, Paul will change Gambian football as it already started changing.We are well prepared for the Gambia-Senegal game andwe want to make history as the coach always say to us. We are ready for the game and people will see a different ball game. We are going for the 3point, that's what the coach tells us and that is what is inside us".

In the view of Aziz Corr Nyang Paul is great. He noted that they don't have any problems during training and what he is giving us is what we use to train in our teams in Europe. He is a man of dignity and I don't think he is just a coach but also a technician. He is great and he is a real professional. We are very happy to work with hi," he declared.

Aziz then maintained that the game between the Gambia and Senegal is the most important game and as the coach used tell them that they can write history. "That's what we all believe in and are ready to do it" he said, adding that " all we need is the prayers of all the people and the support of the general public as we are all ready to give our 100% on Saturday".

Pa Modou Jagne also expressed his satisfaction with Coach Paul Put. He said: "We having been crying for a foreign coach and I am sure he is the one we were looking for. Within the short time he took over, we all see what he has achieved. He has good results and has unified the team as one. Paul is like a father, brother and a friend to every body. He is great we hope that stakeholders will help the GFA to maintain him. We are ready to make history in Senegal and by the help of God we will see the difference", he said.

Tijan Jaiteh said: "We have had different coaches in our teams both at the U17, U20, and senior levels. They were all good coaches, and have worked well, but Paul is too great. We really need him; he is doing a good job and is getting results. He motivates the players and gives us courage and confidence. For me, he needs to be rewarded. This is the best time we need the support of the private sector to come out and give support to the coach and the team itself. We need the prayers of every body and by the help of God we are going to write history", he added.

It could be recalled that during the Gambia Algeria game in Banjul in and interview with the Pointsports the captain of the team, Ebou Sillah was quoted saying: "I have never played in a national team like this before since I started playing for the national team. The players are united and well motivated- the coach is doing a wonderful job and I believethat the Gambia has a bright future with the young players we having in the team now".

He equally maintained that the coach is a great coach and has changed Gambian football. "I think he should be giving the chance to transform Gambian football as he is doing now", he said.

Edirisa Sonko is also on record for expressing the same sentiments in the team and commending Coach Paul Put for the wonderful job he is doing. He has also called on the people to give Paul the maximum support, as according to him, Paul has changed Gambian football totally. "As you can see the mood in the camp; you don't know who is who. Every one looks the same and that's what we need", he noted.