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Pap Saine appointed GFF Media Adviser

May 10, 2017, 1:12 PM

As part of their drive towards consolidating the gains made in the development of football in the past few years, the President and Executive Committee of The Gambia Football Federation has appointed Mr Pap Saine as Media Adviser to the Federation.

The appointment of Mr Saine, who has more than three decades experience working in the media, sports and football in particular, is in line with article 46.2 of the GFF Constitution.

He has in the past served as a Media Officer for the Confederation of African Football and has encyclopedic knowledge of the African game.

Mr Saine, the Honorary Life President of the Sports Journalist Association of The Gambia, was awarded the Johann Philipp Palm Award in 2006.

The award is named for a bookseller executed by Napoleon, and recognizes individuals who are “of outstanding prominence in the promotion of freedom of opinion and the press”.

In 2010, Mr Saine was named a World Press Freedom Hero by the International Press Institute.

He is the third West African to have won the title, following Kenneth Best (Liberia) and Freedom Neruda (Côte d’Ivoire).

According to the GFF President Lamin Kabba Bajo, the appointment of Mr Saine to this very important position is as a result of his great expertise, contribution and support to football development in The Gambia.

Bajo congratulated Mr Saine for accepting the offer to serve in his administration.