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Pan African Parliament condemns NATO actions in Libya

May 23, 2011, 1:28 PM

The Pan African Parliament has condemned the military aggression of NATO forces in the bombing of public facilities, infrastructure and residential sites and the targeted assassination of national leaders in Libya.

A statement issued by the parliament as part of its fourth ordinary session, requests from the international community to stop this aggression immediately to allow the people of Libya the chance for better understanding and opening a dialogue.

The parliament said it follows with interest and sadness the security situation and ongoing military operations in Libya, which led to the death and injury of many of the people of Libya and the destruction of its infrastructure.

It calls for solidarity with Libya in the face of what it called, the abuses by the forces of NATO of the UN Security Council resolution No. 1970 and No. 1973 (2011) by imposing an economic blockade and air strikes on Libya.
While appreciating the African Initiative in seeking a peaceful solution to the crisis in Libya, instead of going around it, the parliament endorses the African solution to the problem of Libya.

"The Pan African Parliament reaffirms its support for the convening of an extraordinary summit of the  African Union on May 25 to 26, 2011 to discuss the status of peace and security in Africa and, in particular, the situation in Libya," the statement added.

The parliament also encouraged the convening of a session of the General Assembly of the United Nations to consider NATO's action of overstepping all boundaries with regards to the Security Council resolutions on Libya.

It further condemned what it described as the media’s evil propaganda which Libya is facing, and calls on all media organs in the African continent and all over the world to play their part in the transfer of the true reality of the events in Libya.

The Pan African Parliament decides to dispatch a Parliamentary fact-finding mission at the end of the ongoing session, that will submit its report to the Bureau of PAP and then to PAP, which will convene in an Extraordinary Session.