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Over-Aged Syndrome Ahead of FIFA U-17 Tourney

Aug 28, 2009, 7:21 AM

Kebba Yerro Manneh, a social commentator is among many Gambians that are equally concerned on the issue of over-aged players by FIFA.

Nigeria, the host of the tournament, which would kick-off at the end of October, recently dropped 15 players from their Under-17 World Cup squad, following tests to determine the ages of team members.

The move to scan the players came after football's world governing body Fifa announced plans to carry out tests during the tournament itself.

Below is what could be described as a piece of advice from Kebba Yerro Manneh.                           


"Had school sports been nurtured earlier on as sports must be crowned with education for posterity to avert the over age eye Browns, we would be at ease for U-17, U20 and U-23 cadet selections.

When dry bones are mentioned in a proverb, an old woman is always uneasy. We should exercise our minds in the Nigeria fiasco of overage players to have food for thought for redress.

Had school sports been nurtured earlier on, academies would have flourishes as sports must be crown with education for posterity.

 The solution is that GFA must ensure that the right age cohort players are selected for the U-17 FIFA tournament not be caught unaware as FIFA is very strict on the issue this year."