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Over 850 people affected by flood and windstorm

Jul 7, 2017, 11:05 AM

Ninety-four (94) households with a total of 857 people in five communities in the Lower River Region were affected by flash flood and windstorm caused by heavy rainfall recently.

Lamin Saidy, regional disaster coordinator, said more than 10 of the affected households were displaced, and that the communities of Kiang Jasobo and Jarra Bureng were the most affected by the flood and windstorm.

Speaking to reporters in Mansakonko, Mr Saidy pointed out that people in the affected communities are in dire need of support as they have lost most of their valuable materials like foodstuff, shelter and money.

According to the report of the initial assessment conducted by the Regional Disaster Management Committee, the people affected suffered from total blown off roofs, partial and completely collapsed buildings and inundation of their compounds.

The report also indicated the destruction caused to public infrastructure within the communities of Kiang Jasobo and Jarra Bureng.

Mr Saidy said there was no report of death but “some people sustain injuries as seen in Jasobo were a 7-year-old girl sustained broken thigh”.

“We will continue to monitor the situation in terms of health threats and food security issues in the subsequent assessment as the situation unfold,” he said.

The regional disaster coordinator explained that measures taken by his office and partners at the regional level include conducting rapid assessment and delivery of initial support to the affected communities.

Saidy, however, called on partners to assist the National Disaster Management Agency so as to conduct a detailed assessment in the affected communities.

Governor Fanta Bojang Samateh Manneh of LRR said the assessment report that was compiled by the regional disaster management committee has specified some recommendations to address the situation of the affected communities.

She said her office, in collaboration with the National Disaster Management Agency, is working closely in terms of coordination and resource mobilisation.

The governor called on the government, philanthropists, NGOs, private sector and UN agencies to support the affected people in building back their lives and livelihoods.

She thanked the UK Jarra Association, the UK Bureng Association, USA Bureng Association and the National Assembly member for Kiang East and his team for their swift response.

Meanwhile, the governor advised the communities to always consult the physical planning unit when it comes to building construction and land allocation for settlement within their communities.

“This will significantly reduce the level of destruction even if there comes heavy downpour or windstorm,” the LRR governor said.