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Outreach programme to intensify women’s participation in football

Mar 8, 2017, 12:40 PM

The Gambia Football Federation will this week organise the third edition of the outreach programme initiated by the GFF through its women football coordinator and the women football ambassadors.

They will partner with the West Coast Regional Football Association for the latest event to be hosted at the Box Bar Mini-Stadium on Wednesday 8March 2017.

The event will bring together 70 participants from four schools: Jamisa Lower Basic School, St. Peters Lower Basic School, Farato Lower Basic School and Mandinaba Banding Drammeh Arabic School.

“The objectives of the programme are centred as follows: It will provide broader opportunities to the GFF to showcase the growth potential of girls and women’s participation in football and create awareness of women’s football in country,” said Sainey Sissoho, the GFF women football coordinator.

The programme, she went on, will also enhance a mass participation of girls and women in football and also identify young talented girls to be groomed to become future players, coaches, medics and administrators, as well as promote and motivate girls and women in football.

Source: GFF