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Ousman Sonko in Sweden

Sep 23, 2016, 10:51 AM

Ousman Sonko, the longest serving Minister of the Interior (10 years), who was relieved of his post on Friday 16 September 2016, is currently in Sweden seeking permanent residence, according to Aftonbladet, a Swedish daily newspaper.

“I can confirm that a person with that name has applied for a residence permit in Sweden,” said Irene Sokolow on the Migration Board’s press department.

Since last Friday, it was unclear where Ousman Sonko was. But now Aftonbladet newspaper has reported that the ex-minister had made it to Sweden on Tuesday.

Having sought for a residence permit, according to an informant, Sonko landed at the airport on Tuesday evening and, shortly thereafter, he applied for asylum.

A member of the Migration Board has confirmed that an application for a residence permit has been received.

Otherwise, however, the authority is reticent about the case.

“I can confirm that an application for a residence permit has been received from a person who has the name you mentioned,” said Irene Sokolow at the Migration Board’s press department.

 “What is due in the application, whether it is asylum or something else, I cannot say. It’s confidential.”

Migration Board does not want to go out with details of where Sonko is located. Normally, he would have been transferred to the Agency’s arrival accommodation in Singapore.

“We make individual assessments in each case in terms of accommodation and other circumstances. But what happened in this particular case, I cannot speak about,” said Pierre Karatzian at the Migration Board’s press service.

“When people who have high ranks in foreign governments seeking residency in Sweden, the Migration Board informs the Ministry of Foreign Affairs or other government agencies,” Pierre Karatzian added.

“In the case of a person who has high positions in another country, we can of course contact the Swedish authorities who may be interested to know that the person in question is here.”

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