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Opinion The Fight against Islamic State

Nov 7, 2014, 9:50 AM | Article By: Alieu Jobe

The Islamic State group we all know is a very violent and brutal terrorist organisation which has no place in modern civilisation.

This particular group has caused a lot of anarchy and terror in both Syria and Iraq, which is totally unacceptable to both humanity and world peace.

The whole world should condemn in the strongest terms, the activities of this evil group because they do not represent the morals of human beings.

We should also praise the United States and its allies for the bold step that they have taken to fight this deadly group in both Iraq and Syria by using air strikes to dismantle some of their capabilities, because that’s the only language they can understand, and we hope the strikes will continue so as to help cause them a lot of damage, both financially and militarily.

This group does not represent Islam as they claim. They are just using the name of Islam to cover up their evil actions, but that will never work.

And at the same time, they are tarnishing the image of the Isamic Ummah, which we are not ready to tolerate as Muslims.

In a recent speech sometime ago, US Vice President Biden said they are willing and ready to take members of the Islamic State to the gates of hell, because that is where they belong and that is where they should be confined.

I personally agreed with that. Destroying Islamic State in both Syria and Iraq will cause a big blow to terror in general, and we have to achieve this because time is running out.

Regional powers like Turkey should also take part in this fight by allowing the Kurds and the Pesh merga to take the fight to the enemy by allowing them to go through their borders, and also arming them.

This fight will not be an easy one because the Islamic State is a strong force, but gradually they will be defeated.

I also believe that the use of US fire power will be very important to this fight.

The world has seen so many terror groups like AL QEADA, the TALIBAN, in Afghanistan, Al SHABAB and also BOKO HARAM in Nigeria.

But the Islamic State poses a more dangerous treat than all these terrorist groups combined.

This is one reason why the world should not watch this group gain momentum.

The beheading of the three aid workers by the group was totally against international law, and also a violation of human rights.

The whole world is condemning such acts in the strongest terms, and the world will not rest until they are defeated.