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OPINION: Is the Democratic Leaning Media Inadvertently Paving Way for Trump?

Mar 10, 2020, 2:54 PM

We all know U.S media houses have party leanings, but they also have personal leanings or favorite candidates within their parties, where their biases can be self defeating. Since they are headed by humans, they are not above fear, greed, and arrogance. The power of mainstream media is unquestionable, but dwindling than many of them assume. They may speak and respect Truth than Trump, but they still sadly lie. Above all, they sometimes play games with the people, appealing to their fear, greed, and arrogance. In their own inadvertent admissions, they said ‘people are largely voting Biden because they think he is the one who can beat Trump’, or are told so?  The fear of Polls influenced people is very different from the love of programs influenced people; the former can be controlled and deceived by the media, but some will evolve and there is a natural price for cowards. In and beyond the U.S, the Top four issues to contrast candidates are Justice, Health, Education, and Foreign Affairs – of course, the money leaning folks may beg to differ. Sanders outperforms both Biden and Trump on the mentioned four, even among cowards, but some cowards think Sanders will destroy the economic, which some people value more. The democratic leaning media are under estimating how Trump may play out Biden’s weaknesses to win independents, convince some democrats or keep them away for different reasons.

Justice: Gauge which laws candidates plan to introduce and change, it may affect you or someone you should not gamble and may never forgive you on ‘sins between creatures’. The mindset of candidates about Justice should be studied and analyzed beyond respecting the rule of law. The Executive have an influence on the judiciary through appointing studied folks, blocking folks and laws for changes, and introducing laws that are often likely to pass. Beside promises, gauge candidates voting records where possible. For example,  Sanders have not only promised to legalize marijuana on ‘day one’, but he has condemned marijuana related injustices in the strongest terms than any present and recent mainstream U.S politician. Biden said, ‘we do not need a revolution’ on and beyond marijuana? Biden is still echoing marijuana is a ‘gateway Drug’, despite all the latest scientific and real life evidence that marijuana is closer to an ‘exit medicine’. So millions of people are at the gate of hard drugs, but thousands are leaving alcohol, cigarette, opioid, some dangerous pharmaceutical drugs, etc ? Trump seemingly believes in medical marijuana, but doubting about recreational marijuana. Although he partially failed on fulfilling marijuana promises, imagine an action or stronger promise by Trump. Some polls claim over sixty percent of Americans want marijuana legalized, myself and many others will rather vote for an independent candidate than Biden, if he continue on his standing. It is not because I think Biden can stop the marijuana momentum, but because I understand conscientious voting and the test of our time. Just like the vote of a law maker affects citizens, your vote affects others on judicial matters and woe on to the indifferent. There are other issues of Justice where Sanders outperforms Biden, and I promise to highlight some later.

Health: Capitalism sadly over commercialized things and the U.S is the sad example of refusing to repent. Some human needs should not be open to questionable business folks, or should at least be regulated enough. The billions of dollars people directly spent on health and indirectly spent through government contributions, adds up towards who? Biden says, ‘we do not need a revolution’ on health and beyond? Since around 1991, Sanders was calling on Biden and his cohorts to be more caring. Trump will attack Biden’s voting record than sanders, on and beyond health. When Obama came, he had no choice, but to comply and/or reduce the good Obama should have than wanted to do on and beyond health? Biden is like a dangerous robot, who was explicitly dangerous as a lawmaker, less so as vice president, and will be too dangerous as president. What Sanders is proposing on health is very feasible as evident in many countries, he just have to be brave enough to regulate the cost of the actual products and services, or smartly open up the competition. Biden and Trump may be very close on health, except Trump at least ‘believes in medical marijuana’.

Education: Access to affordable quality education is one of the most essential responsibilities of governments and parents. Like a good parent invests and ascertains on education, so should good and great governments. Whereas the U.S may not invest on education as in defense, the u.s does have many quality educational institutes, but mainly for the rich. Like many things, the U.S establishment over commercialized even health and education. They have created direct and indirect loans for students, without enough guidance, and corrupt investors unleashed against the poor who needs such loans. So over optimistic youths sometimes abuse indirect loans, the none tuition related loans, plus questionable interest rates. After graduation, family life and high taxes make it hard for many to repay such loans. Biden says, ‘we do not need a revolution’ on and beyond education? Biden was reportedly among the guilty Democrats who sided with the guilty Republicans to deny ‘bankruptcy option’ to student loans. Imagine questionable millionaires and billionaires can file bankruptcy to keep many assets, but poor folks who invested on education are denied the option of bankruptcy by Biden, those like him, and those who vote for him? Even if Sanders and Trump failed to sufficiently reveal the demonic aspects of Biden, the  spirits of his victims will eventually hunt all who supported him.  Sanders rightly sympathizes with the poor on and beyond education, but he may need a more realistic plan on education. Whereas healthcare for all may work, because people do not get sick at once; education for all is great, but should be regulated enough and eventually paid directly by the most direct benefactor or their parents. Planned student housing, sensitization, and more reasonable loan limits will be vital for  long term sustenance. For every thousand in hospitals, how many more thousands are in higher learning institutions? Trump seems to be happy with the injustices in U.S educational policies, built and nurtured by the Bidens and cohorts.

Foreign Affairs: In a global village, the foreign affairs mindset of even opposition leaders of small countries like the Gambia is vital, much more the U.S, the most powerful country on earth, at the moment. Journalists and voters often under scrutinize the foreign affairs mindset of candidates, they focus on the incumbent  and on few issues. The social media has made it possible for small countries to have a much stronger voice on how the world sails, but it is often under utilized, especially by African leaders, journalists, and ordinary citizens. The U.S have two main tools on foreign affairs: Soft power (money or sanctions) and Hard Power (military bullying). So you should gauge who leans more on soft or hard power on which issues? Since they are tools, you have to gauge their mindsets on different other things. Example, Biden says ‘LGBT rights will be his number one priority [in or outside the U.S]’? Will he use soft or hard power to the defiant in or outside the U.S? Biden believes in U.S dictatorship, but calls it ‘u.s leadership’. Biden interfered in Ukraine’s judiciary, but claims ‘it was legal’, like slavery was legal. So it is up to Sanders to strongly ask Americans was it conscientious, or Trump will certainly ask it, with or without the senate’s investigations against Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son. If we OK foreign judiciary interference if it is from the U.S, how can we condemn it if it is from Russia or an internal pressure group? What kinds of precedents are we setting under the Just God, who is testing who is best in character, ‘in exhorting each other to good deeds and super good deeds (truth and patience) as per ch.103? Trump has the ‘Muslim ban’ and harder immigration stand, but less interfering in others’ countries. Sanders is not declaring much on foreign Affairs and not yet questioned hard on it. I believe he will be better than both Trump and Biden, but he may likely be worse on global trade, he focuses too much on u.s interest, but will likely compromise when he sits. Like it is wrong for few Americans to over own, it is also wrong for few countries to over own. We are not asking for a hundred percent equal world, but there should be reasonable difference for all who respect learning and working, in respect to money. The Covid-19 is one example of how inter-dependent this world is, how fragile our economies are, and why things  like health, education, and basic justice should not be seen as an individual’s issues or even national issues, but  universal issues. The best route is neither soft or hard power, but strategic investments for internal evolutions, not internal ruptures. May the Lord bless Showlove Trinity: Let’s learn, let’s work, let’s have Fun.

By Jarga Kebba Gigo

An activist and Transformer