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Operation Cross Roads Africa boosts Banjulinding Health Centre

Jul 24, 2012, 1:48 PM | Article By: Cherno Omar Bobb

Operation Cross Roads Africa, an organization based in New York, USA, recently donated medical supplies and medicines worth US$5,000 to Banjulinding Health Centre.

The items donated included bed sheets, vitamins, amazoline tablets and many more.

Speaking to The Point, some members of the group, Brenda Brown, Jonathan Lis and Janeea Ventour, said they were a group of nine and that they were sent to Banjulinding Health Centre to offer their services at and donate medical items to the health centre.

They said Operation Cross Roads Africa also renders support to other African countries every year, such as Ghana, South Africa, Kenya and Uganda.

“Within the past 50 years, Cross Roads Africa has sent over 10,000 volunteers to 35 African countries,” they said.

“We are here for seven weeks, six weeks of work and one week on enjoying the country,” they stated.

The group members, who recently visited The Point, said that in addition to medical help, they also help agricultural projects, construction projects, educational projects and women income-generating projects.

They are working with Mbinky Touray, head nurse at Banjulinding Health Centre, they said, adding that it was all pleasure for them as they also have in their midst a nurse with about 25 years of experience.

The organization was started by Rev. James Robinson in 1958, they said, adding that the mission was to bring different cultures together to learn about one another and gain cross-culture from one another.

Other members of the group are Brenda Brown, Jonathan Lis, Janeea Ventour, Austin Martin, Samantha Boice, Christina Fischer, Lye-yeng Wong, Michelle Lyman, and Liz Solis.