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One Ebola suspect in Senegal

Aug 11, 2014, 9:46 AM

Over the weekend, Doctor Sene, chief medical doctor of Matam hospital in the northern part of Senegal, told the private television station TFM that a patient suspected to have Ebola has been admitted in Matam hospital.

He said the 27-year-old patient came from Mali on Sunday 3 August 2014 and was staying in Mali with his Guinean friends.

Doctor Sene further said the man appeared to have the virus because he has a high temperature and was vomiting too much; and that in a few days time, he will get the test results.

Dr Sene on Sunday announced that the patient’s condition improved.

On Saturday, his temperature was 40 degrees and Sunday it was 37 degrees, and they would continue to monitor whether it is the Ebola virus.

Meanwhile, Mauritania has announced the closure of its border with Senegal, according to TFM.

In a related development, news agencies reported that Saudi Arabia informed the governments of Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia that for this year’s hajj in September, their pilgrims will not be issued entry visas because of the Ebola outbreak.

Last week, a Saudi businessman who returned from Sierra Leone was suspected to have contracted the virus, and was admitted in a hospital.

Chad on Saturday 9 August 2014 suspended all commercial flights to Nigeria, and urged citizens not to travel to Ebola affected areas.

Zambia has also urged citizens not to travel to Ebola-affected areas, nor travel to the country from those places.

Already, one doctor and a nurse have died in Nigeria, while the country has some suspected cases which they are examining to confirm whether they are positive.

Guinea Conakry on Saturday closed its borders with Sierra Leone and Liberia, but reopened the border on Sunday.

Already, Sierra Leone and Liberia reinforced security on their borders in the affected areas.

It would be recalled that since February 2014, when the Ebola outbreak was discovered in West Africa 963 people have died and 1,500 cases have been examined.