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Ocean Bay human resource manager cross-examined

Oct 12, 2011, 1:23 PM | Article By: Yusuf Ceesay

Alice Secka, the acting human resource manager of Ocean Bay Hotel, was recently cross-examined by the plaintiff, Mama Cham Deen, before the Industrial Tribunal.

The plaintiff’s claim was for wrongful termination of her services.

She also indicated in her claim that the reason for dismissal was because someone accused her of finding some eggs and sugar in her locker in her absence. 

Testifying under-cross examination, Ms Secka told the court that the executive chef of the hotel, Kumba, had lodged countless complaints to her against the plaintiff for stealing.

When asked whether the complainant ever brought evidence to her about such allegations, she replied in the negative, adding that she had never called the plaintiff to talk about the said allegations.

She denied that all what she told the court was false, and that it was a set-up involving her (the witness) and Kumba against the plaintiff.

Asked whether there was security at the hotel, she replied in the affirmative, adding that their job was to protect lives, as well as hotel properties.

She said she had never heard any report of theft, from the security officers, by the plaintiff.

Asked about the relationship between the executive chef and the plaintiff, the witness told the tribunal, “initially they used to have a cordial relationship, but in the latter part, they have personal problems which caused the relationship to be suffering.”

According to her, as human resource manager, they investigated the matters complained of.

Prior to this complaint, she added, the executive chef of the hotel had lodged a written complaint with her office involving the plaintiff.

The chairman of the tribunal, Ngube, at this point adjourned the case till 13th October 2011.