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Obtaining money by false pretence case continues

Dec 31, 2010, 12:06 PM | Article By: Binta Fatty-Gitteh

The criminal trial of one Bakary M.B Dahaba, who was charged with the offence of obtaining money by false pretence, continued recently at the Brikama Magistrates’ Court before Principal Magistrate Kemo Ceesay.

Testifying, the second prosecution witness, Sutura Jallow, told the court that he is a resident of Sanyang village, and that he recognised the accused person, Bakary M.B Dahaba.

He said he knew the complainant, Mariama Sanyang, and that he could recall what transpired between the complainant and the accused on 11th November 2010.

Jallow further told the court that on the said date, he went to the Brikama Police Station CID office and found the accused sitting, but he did not recognise him, at that time.

“Later I went out to perform ablution, and I found the complainant, Mariama Sanyang, sitting with one Malang Fatty,” the witness told the court.

‘I heard Malang ask the complainant what was her mission to the station, and the complainant told Malang that her son had a problem with the drug squad, and was in their custody,” PW2 explained.

PW2 adduced that Malang then told the complainant that he knew somebody, who could help her to get her son out of custody, if she desired.

“I then came closer and asked Malang how can they get in touch with that guy to help, and Malang told him that his brother, Bakary M.B Dahaba, the accused, can help, and Malang gave me the phone number of the accused,” PW2 revealed.

Malang, the witness added, told them to wait for him to go to his office to call the accused, so that they could discuss.

When the accused came, the complainant explained her mission to him, and the accused told her that he would help to get her son out.

Malang told us that the accused is a man of influence, and the accused also confirmed and told the complainant that he was going to solve the problem, as soon as possible,” he added.

Still testifying, PW2 told the court that Malang Fatty then asked the complainant how much she could offer to secure bail for her son and the complainant said D5,000.

“The complainant and the accused were standing beside a car and the accused called someone and gave the phone to the complainant, adding that “I heard the complainant saying “I have only D5, 000’.”

Jallow said he later told the complainant to be careful with the accused because he (Jallow) was suspicious.

“I later left for Sanyang village, and I called the complainant and asked her not to give any money to the accused, because he did not trust him,” the witness further explained.

“On 12th November, 2010, I went back to the station, and I saw the complainant giving the money to the accused, but I did not know how much it was,” he stated.

Adducing further, the witness told the court that he told the complainant that there should be a witness present before giving the money to the accused, but the complainant told him that the accused said he wanted it to be a secret.

He said a week later, the complainant called and informed him that her son was given bail, but the accused did not do anything to help her.

He added that the accused was later arrested, and he (the witness) made a statement at the New Yundum Police Station.

Hearing on the case continues on 4th January 2011.