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Observing Christmas

Dec 24, 2010, 1:03 PM

Christians in The Gambia and beyond will tomorrow December 25th mark Christmas.

Christmas is the birthday of Jesus Christ the Prince of Peace, whose coming heralds a period of ‘peace on earth, goodwill to all men’.

Indeed, this is a time for us to wish our Christian brothers and sisters in the country a Merry Christmas.

Christmas is a day of joy and happiness for all Christian families, and in all Christian homes.

In The Gambia, it is the tradition that Christmas is celebrated by both Christians and Muslims.

This shows the level of religious tolerance that exists in the country, especially between the followers of the world’s two major faiths, Christianity and Islam.

In the Gambia, Christmas is celebrated in the houses, and out in the streets, especially in the Greater Banjul area, where several groups organize various cultural performances, to entertain the general public.

The day is also regarded as a moment for sharing and supporting each other, and some organizations use the occasion to visit hospitals and prisons, to render help.

The good thing about the Gambia is that Christians and Muslims live peacefully, they inter-marry and embrace each other’s festivals.

This is a lesson many countries around the world could learn from.

Once again, we are reminded that we have cherish the peace in this country, and guard it jealously.

On this special day, we urge all persons living in the Gambia, irrespective of religious faith, to pray for the maintenance of peace and stability in our Smiling Coast of Africa.

We urge our Christian brothers and sisters to use the day to offer more prayers for the country, and world at large.

Merry Christmas!