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Observing campaign ethics

Nov 14, 2011, 1:47 PM

Now that that the official campaign period is under way, we think it very important that we remind our politicians about campaign ethics.

No doubt, they know about the need to observe campaign ethics, but we think it is wise and prudentto remind them, especially at this crucial moment of our democratisation process.

Character assassination and talk of conditioning people to vote for a party otherwise they will be deprived of development should be avoided.

There is no need to attack personalities, as the focus should be on issues of common concern to the citizenry in improving their living condition.

Politicians should use this period to tell Gambians what they have in store for them to be implemented, if they are elected president on November 24th.

Also, no one should be denied any development project for failing to vote for any party which emerges as the winner.

Providing citizens with development projects, such as access to clean water, quality health care, good road networks, schools, farm implements and inputs such as seed-nuts and fertilizer form part of the responsibilities of any party in government.

Irrespective of political affiliation, all Gambians are entitled to these development projects and many others, and we must all be treated equally by any party in government.

No one should be harassed or intimidated for not voting for any party, which one feels like not supporting.

As far as we know, governments all over the world use taxes paid for by citizens, and grants received on behalf of their people to embark on development projects.

Since development partners and donors never made it a conditionality to say these funds should be directed to those supporting the governing party alone, it is disheartening when we hear our politicians use such crude campaign tactics, especially when they address our unsophisticated brethren, in particular, who constitute the majority of the electorate.

Our politicians must desist from such, and tell all Gambians that they are here for all irrespective of whether they support them or not.