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Observe fair pricing

Jun 9, 2016, 10:36 AM

The Ministry of Trade, Industry and Employment has appealed to traders to observe fair pricing of their commodities.

While fair pricing is to be observed at all times, it is especially essential in the month of Ramadan.

But this is not seen to be really done in this holy month, as certain essential food commodities in the country have had their prices increased in the wake of the Ramadan.

Commodities such as fish, cooking oil, and other items have had their whole sale prices shoot up within the last two weeks, raising the bar high for consumers in the wake of the Ramadan month. 

In the last two weeks, a bag of American rice has increased from D900 to D1000; the Sadam rice from D1,250 to D1,300; the 20-litre cooking oil from D800 to D850; the10-litre cooking oil from D450 to D500; a bag of Irish potatoes from D500 to D550; a bag of onions from D400 to D500; a bag of flour has moved fromD1,200 to D1,300; and a bag of crystal moist sugar from D1,050 to D1350.

It is actually true, as the economist say, that the law of demand and supply, to a large extent, dictates the prices of goods and services in relation to their demand or supply at any given time.

But in a situation like the month of Ramadan, traders and by extension economic operators, must not take advantage of such situation when demand for certain commodities is high.

This is because any extortionate act is ungodly and should not be condoned in the holy month of Ramadan, and even at all times.

As Muslims, we should be God-fearing and do things according to the tenets of Islam.

The holy month of Ramadan is a period of sharing, showing love, generosity, charity and extending a hand of support to the less privileged persons in the society.

As we do this, the Almighty Allah shall reward us bountifully with long life and good health, as well as prosper our businesses.

So let’s be seen to be observing fair pricing in these times, as well as continue to lend a helping hand to one another in our beautiful and unique society.

“Some people believe that fairness comes with obeying the rules.  I’m one of those people.” Al Green