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Njawara Marathon organisers commend sponsors

Mar 8, 2013, 12:36 PM

Following the successful staging of the Njawara Marathon, members of the Njawara Ambassadors for Development and Meaningful Rural Life for Women and Children (NADAM) are hereby extending their sincere appreciation to the Gambia Ports Authority who pulled a heavy sponsorship package of D15,000 for the event.

GPA were also the exclusive sponsor of the marathon and the cultural festival, the organisers have said.

Other sponsors were Jah Oil company who have been very much supportive of the activities of Njawara in particular and has donated to them some D3,000.

The foreign partner, who set up an organization in Sweden called the Friends of Njawara, also donated D9,000 for the cultural festival.

The people of Njawara and NADAM would like to reiterate their commitment towards a more meaningful development drive in the future and are looking forward to a long partnership with the sponsors and media friends.