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New Year Message from the PPP’s Secretary General and Party Leader

Jan 2, 2020, 2:38 PM

As we end 2019 and enter a New Year, on behalf of myself, my family and my party, People’s Progressive Party, I would like to wish you all a happy and prosperous year ahead. As we reflect back on a very eventful year, we first of all thank the Almighty for making us live to witness it to the end. In 2019, we observed our beloved Gambia go through a very democratic transition as many have witnessed different groups expressing their need for change and demanding to exercise their Constitution rights. As part of the transition process that Gambia is currently witnessing, we have seen the introduction of a New Draft Constitution, while we wait to see the outcome and implementation of the Security Sector Reform, the Civil Service Reform and the Land and Asset Recovery commission which will all go a long way in paving the way forward to maintaining the Peace and Stability in the lives of many Gambians.

 We should still stand firm and committed to ensuring that key sectors such as Health, Education, Agriculture and Infrastructural development are put at the forefront of Government’s agenda. It is important to ensure that the Youth and Women are not left behind in all these areas of development, as they should be at the forefront of every initiative set forth. Public Security has seen its share of outcry especially among the youth and the women as the cases of Gender Based Violence has become a public concern. Every citizen is concerned about their security, and that of their families, and their property. We urge the Police to continue doing their best with the support and collaboration of the public.  Let me also point out the need to also be more vigilant in the fight against all forms of extremism. Here in The Gambia, we should value the peace and stability that has always prevailed. We must not allow any individual or group of individuals to destroy that.

Once again Happy New Year to all.

Mohamadou Musa Njie (Papa)

Secretary General and Party Leader