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New Wuli West NAM embarks on ‘thank you’ tour

Apr 5, 2012, 1:09 PM | Article By: Nfamara Jawneh just from Wuli

The newly-elected National Assembly member for Wuli West constituency is currently touring the communities in the district on a “thank you” tour.

Honorable Alhagie Kasum Jallow and delegation on Sunday had a night stop in Barrow Kunda, and held a meeting in the village.

Addressing the villagers, Hon.Jallow said the purpose of the tour was to thank the people of Wuli West for supporting his candidature.

According to him, the people of Wuli West have over the years suffered a lot, and were denied many development projects for having an opposition MP.

“We all know the major problems of Wuli West such as a poor road network and lack of electricity,” he said.

Hon. Jallow noted that the people of Barrow Kunda played a very important role in the history that was made in the constituency.

“He knows very well that he has not much support in the district, especially his former strongholds like Barrow kunda and, as a result, decided not to participate,” he said of the former MP Sidia Jatta.

The new Wuli West MP called on the people of the area to continue rallying behind him and the APRC for the development of the area.

Bukary Fatty from Sutukonding also a member of the delegation said the victory of Hon. Jallow is a victory for the entire people of Wuli West.

Alkally Kebbeh a former NADD sympathizer and now the APRC sponsored Sara Ngai Ward Councilor congratulated the new NAM for his victory.

Kebbeh, a resident of Barrow Kunda, called on the new NAM to work closely with other relevant structures in the constituency for the betterment of the district, while assuring him of their support.

Mrs Fatoumatta Kebbeh, a women’s leader said: “We only heard people outside Wuli praising Sidia, but he has not done anything for us here.”

“We hope that with the coming of Hon. Jallow, Wuli will also have its fair share of the national cake in terms of infrastructure development,” she said.

The village Alkali of Barrow Kunda, Foday Barrow, said that the victory of both Alkally and Kasum in Sare Ngai ward and Wuli West respectively serves as a blessing for the people in the area.

The villagers reminded the new NAM that they could have put up an independent candidate like other areas have done, but did not do so due to the respect they have for the APRC party leadership and authority.

Other speakers included the Imam Nfally Barrow, APRC village chairman of Barrow Kunda, Hamadi Jallow, and Foday Jallow a resident of Sare Ngai and also a member of the delegation.

Meanwhile, from Barrow Kunda the tour party on Monday proceeded to Manakoto Keita, Chamoi Bunda, Limbambulu and other villages for similar meetings.

It would be recalled that Wuli West parliamentary seat went unopposed in the March 29th National Assembly election due to the boycott by six opposition parties, including NADD who previously occupied the seat, after they said in a statement that they were pushed not to participate in the polls.