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New transport fares take effect

Jul 11, 2013, 11:45 AM

The increase of transport fares will take effect across the country today. It would be recalled that sometime ago, the stakeholders in the transports sector introduced a new transport tariff due to take effect today.

As the country braces up for yet another development challenge, we urge calm and cooperation between the drivers and passengers.

The transport fares hike was blamed on the high cost of fuel in the country in recent months.

Drivers must ensure that they do not charge anyhow they wish, but in accordance with the nationally agreed fare between the Gambia National Transport Association and the government.

We, therefore, call on passengers to also cooperate with the drivers, as they begin the implementation of the new tariff.

In the same vein, we urge drivers to get a copy of the new tariff and keep it in their vehicles for reference.

We worry that the new transport fare increase will create yet much difficulties for many, especially low income earners.

Commercial drivers and vehicle owners should try to ensure regular maintenance of their cars to ensure customer satisfaction and comfort.

When people enter a taxi or any other commercial vehicle either to travel to work or to visit other places, they expect the drivers to take them to their destinations safely and comfortably.

It is, therefore, essential that drivers drive carefully, especially during this rainy season when many of our roads are in a bad state.