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Network Failure Hits URR

Jan 9, 2009, 4:22 AM | Article By: Nfamara Jawneh in Basse

The people of Upper River Region (URR) over the past three days have been experiencing a serious network failure, our reporter in the Upper River Region said yesterday.

The problem, according to our reporter, who is currently in the regional capital Basse, affects Gamcel, Africell and Gamtel subscribers.

Speaking to our reporter, many residents of the area expressed their frustration over the current situation, saying that this should not have happened especially in a region like the UpperRiver.

According to one Mr. Lamin E. Ceesay, a staff member in Trust Bank's Basse Branch, the network problem has created a big problem for them and their customers. "I am currently using my Comium line to call our other branches in the Kombo's, using manual postings by giving them the control number of Western Union customers and their details will be automatically displayed in their system.

"They will later call us to confirm the details, we will in turn call our customers to come for their monies", Mr. Ceesay said.

This, he added, is in fact risky but they are doing so just to satisfy their customers. "You know we are using the Gamtel network and that even our fax and Internet are not working and this makes our work very difficult".

He went on to recall that a similar problem happened in July last year when they lost the network for over a week resulting to the use of their vehicles to travel to Banjul for postings, which he noted, was expensive and time consuming.

For his part, Alhagie Banta Tunkara, a business tycoon from Alunghareh, also expressed his frustration over the network failure for the past few days. "It has really affected our business. I have been going to the bank since yesterday but until now I could not receive my money," he lamented.

He noted that for days now, he could not make or receive calls. He appealed to the affected GSM operators to work hard in addressing the situation.

A staff member with the Medical Research Council, who wants to remain anonymous, said, "really it does not affect me much because since yesterday, I bought a new Comium line and am making and receiving calls with it".

Mariama Jallow, a vendor at Basse market also expressed concern over the situation. The current network problem, according to residents in the area, is affecting business in the region.