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NEDI extends support to women group in NBR

Jun 11, 2013, 11:23 AM | Article By: Cherno Omar Bobb

The National Enterprise Development Initiative (NEDI) on Friday presented a rice milling machine to ‘Boleba Kafo’ (big basin), a women group at Illiassa Village, Upper Baddibu District, North Bank Region.

The support came after the Kafo requested for it from NEDI, which provides funding to women groups regarding labour-saving machines.

The Kafo is expected to execute other development projects from the proceeds of the machine.

Speaking at Illiassa village, the Chief of Upper Baddibu, Ebrima Tamba Jammeh, said the prayers of the women have been finally answered. 

The machine will reduce the burden on women who usually pound rice using their hands or traveling long distances to neighbouring villages in search of such services, he said.

Chief Jammeh urges the women to take great care of the machine and use it for the intended purpose.

Lamin K. Jammeh, National Assembly Member for Upper Baddibu, said the aim of the Government is to help to empower Gambian women in all aspects of development.   

Landing B. Sanneh, coordinator of NEDI, said the provision of the milling machine, as well as the labour-saving devices, was made through NEDI’s support to women groups in the country.

The project is aimed at reducing the drudgery of hard labour faced by women of Illiassa, he noted.

“NEDI will closely monitor developments and provide future help depending on the outcome of this project,” he said.

Pa Suwereh Faye, Director of Sports at the Department of Youth and Sports, said NEDI will do everything possible to ensure the project is realised accordingly.

He challenged the women to continue working hard for the development of their community and the country at large.

Mariama Marong, public relations officer of the group, said the machine will help in reducing their suffering.

“It will bring us a lot of development and help us earn income for the future development of the Kafo,” she said. “It will also help us raise income to take good care of our families.”