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NEA reiterates call on ban of plastic bags

Nov 6, 2015, 9:36 AM

The National Environment Agency (NEA) said it has come to the attention of the agency that certain persons are trafficking plastic bags into the country in contravention of the ban on plastic bags in 2015.

The NEA stated that any one caught in this activity as well as the sale of water in plastic bags will be prosecuted, according to a media release aired by the state TV last night.

In trying to prevent taking legal action against defaulters of the ban on plastic bags, the general public is thereby once more informed that the ban still holds and has taken effect since 1st of July 2015, the release stated.

“The NEA in collaboration with the Ministry of Health and Social Welfare and the security forces are making sure that the enforcement of the ban is implementedand without any compromise,” it stated, saying that the NEA urges all residents and visitors of this country to comply with the ban.

The agency, the release continued, urges all parties involved in plastic bag trade “to come forward to register and declare to the national environment agency the type and quantities of all plastic bags that are presently within their possession, as well as any other plastic-based products or goods”.

The release further said those wishing to register can visit the NEA headquarters along Jimpex Road in Kanifing, while those at the regional level may report to agencies in the regional NEA offices.