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Ndungu Kebba Road Race Saturday

Jul 3, 2009, 8:45 AM

The Ndungu Kebba Road Race meant to promote long-distance run at grassroots level in the country is set to kick-off this Saturday July 4th 2009.

The first-ever race organised by the Ndugu Kebba Youth and Sport Association, would feature a contest in both male and female categories.

The male race is expected to start at the school's grounds through the village to the highway towards Barra, and then back to Kerewan to the main junction and back to the school.

The female run would start at the school through the village to the Cooperative, then back to the school.

Jim Kebbeh, the Coordinator of the race said the run will help promote unity among the young people of the village, as well as raise funds to support community development initiatives.

The maiden event is also meant to raise funds and support the Basic Cycle School in the area to have enough furniture for the school.

The organising committee which also seeks sponsorship for the success of the event, urged for massive participation. A fee of D10.00 is attached for the registration of participants in both categories.

A cash prize of D50000, D300.00 and D200.00 await the winners, runners-up and third place holders, respectively.