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Ndow's Observe International Day of Families

May 19, 2009, 7:27 AM | Article By: Sainey M.K. Marenah

The Associated School's Project Network (ASPN) a school based club of Ndow's Lower Basic School which is geared towards enhancing learning abilities of children in fulfilment of MDG's and the new Education policy, over the weekend joined the rest of the world to celebrate international day of families.

 The theme for the celebration was the role of parents in child development. This year's celebration was marked by a symposium among children and parents at its school ground in Kanifing South.

It aims to share knowledge on family issues as well as on the role of parents in child development.

Addressing the gathering, Sukai Bojang, Secretary General, UNESCO, NATCOM, reminded the gathering that 'family' is a group of people linked by blood relationship and similar genetic characteristics in the society.

UNESCO Secretary General pointed out that the family might also comprise of a group of people whose parents and children are living together in one house or compound, she added. Hence the family has a very important role to play in the development of the child.

Madam Bojang further revealed that every child inherits certain features from his or her parents.  She added that some of these may range from looks to mannerism and mental faculty. She said that there are distinct features which are mingling with inherited ones to give the child its admirable features.

Speaking earlier, Mrs Harriet Ndow proprietress of the School, told participants that most of the problems facing children in the society today are coming from the homes, adding that parents have to show care and support to their children in order for them to become responsible parents in future.

She appeals to parents to inculcate good moral and training in their children to avoid any embarrassment, arguing that most parents are failing in their responsibilities. Mrs Ndow however advised children to show respect to their teachers and parents.

For his part, Mr. Dawda Nasso, ASPN Coordinator, also reminded students and parents that ASPN is born out of UNESCO organisational concept to build the capacity of students in helping them to learn. He said that the network is in over 176 Countries Network. He stressed that both teachers and students have a role to play in bringing the culture of peace adding that the club has embarked on series of activities including observance of some U.N. days, environment issues, culture of peace and non-violence among other related activities thus promoting child education.

The objective of the Network, Mr Nasso went on to say, is to enforce that every child has a right to quality education and to promote education and dialogue through peace and harmony.

Mr. Moses Njie, a member of the parent teacher association (PTA), Mr Valdiodio Ndiaye, and Bakary Badjie of Child Protection Alliance all spoke on the role of the family and child development.

The celebration was punctuated with Drama performances by members of ASPN Club and Sainabou Laye Ndure, club president, delivered the vote of thanks.