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NDEA Station Officer testifies in alleged drug case

Sep 2, 2011, 1:15 PM | Article By: Yusuf Ceesay

Pa Serign Mboob, National Drug Enforcement Agency (NDEA) station officer for Banjul Central, yesterday testified in an alleged drug case involving one Alieu Bojang at the Banjul Magistrates’ Court before Magistrate Tabally.

Alieu Bojang was alleged to have acquired 39g of cannabis sativa, a prohibited drug, which he planted in the bathroom of his brother, one Momodou Bojang, a charge he has since denied.

In his testimony, Mboob told the court that he could recall what happened on 15 June 2011 when, he said, he was informed by his assistant station officer, Yakumba Camara, that he received a telephone call from the accused person that one Momodou Bojang of Farato Bojang Kunda was dealing in drugs.

“A team was led by myself to Farato Bojang kunda,” said the witness.

He adduced that upon reaching a junction, they met with the accused person, adding that he questioned him and the accused explained to them the direction of the house of Momodou Bojang.

“The accused directed us exactly to where the drugs would be found,” he narrated.

Mr Mboob said that on arrival at the compound, they went directly to the bathroom, where they found the cannabis.

He added that another parcel of cannabis was found between two corrugated iron sheets, adding that it was there that he was suspected of being the culprit.

“I ordered for the arrest of the accused together with the compound owner, Momodou Bojang,” he continued, adding that they were both taken to the NDEA office in Banjul.

During their interrogation, the witness went on, the accused person confessed that he placed the drugs where they were found.

He added that the accused told them that the reason for his action was that Momodou Bojang was appointed ‘Alkalo’ of Farato, when he should not have been.

The witness said that statements were subsequently obtained from the accused, and he was charged with the offence. 

The suspected cannabis were tendered and admitted as evidence and marked as an exhibit.

Also testifying was one Saikou Manneh, who told the court that he was a narcotics officer attached to Banjul Central Station. 

He revealed that on the day of the incident, he was assigned by the station officer to obtain the cautionary statements from the accused.

According to him, he invited an independent witness, and the accused person’s statements were obtained.

He adduced that the cautionary words were read to the accused, and his statements were recorded.

“After finishing narrating his statement, I read it back to him in the presence of an independent witness, which both of them signed and I signed too,” he told the court.

Both cautionary and voluntary statements were also tendered in evidence.

The third prosecution witness to testify was one Yakumba Manneh, who also told the court that he was the assistant station officer at Banjul Central NDEA, and that he recognised the accused.

“I received a telephone call from the accused person that one Momodou Bojang was dealing in drugs,” he informed the court.

According to him, he also informed their station officer about the said information by the accused, adding that they later left for Farato Bojang Kunda.

At that juncture, counsel for the accused person, Antouman Gaye, came in and announced his representation for the accused.

He applied for an adjournment, stating that he was not briefed and further applied for the witness to be recalled for cross-examination.

Counsel’s application was granted, and the case was adjourned till 14 September 2011.