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Narcotics officer testifies in Bun & co trial

Jan 19, 2011, 11:45 AM | Article By: Malamin Conteh

A narcotics officer currently posted at Bansang Police Station on Tuesday continued his testimony, in the trial of Ibrahim Bun Sanneh and four others at the High Court in Banjul, before Justice Emmanuel Ahmadi.

The other accused persons are ex-deputy director Karamo Bojang, ex-director of operations Ousman Sanneh, Marie Sanneh and Seedou Bojang.

The accused persons, who all maintained their innocence, are facing multiple charges, including conspiracy to commit felony, stealing by person in public service, aiding and abetting, unlawful possession of fire-arm, unlawful possession of live ammunition, concealment and destroying evidence, official corruption, abuse of office, economic crime, obtaining money by false pretence, making documents without authority and forgery.

NCA Ebrima Jawara, the tenth prosecution witness, told the court that, on 26 June 2008, he was at the NDEA charge office together with Saikouba Jammeh, Abdoulie Touray and a CID officer, Ebrima Bah.

He said that between 1500hours and 1700hours, the second accused person, Karamo Bojang, was the last person to leave from upstairs of the NDEA headquarters.

PW10 further adduced that, when the 2nd accused was coming down from upstairs, he was holding two bags, and one was his personal bag and the other one was a black nylon bag.

“When the 2nd accused came down, he asked Saikouba Jammeh to open his vehicle door and put his bags in the vehicle,” he added.

Still testifying, the witness told the court that the second accused then entered the vehicle and left.

The witness added that Saikouba came back to the charge office, and informed them that the black nylon bag, which the 2nd accused was holding, contained cocaine, and asked them whether they did not know any NIA personnel’s telephone number at Denton Bridge.

PW10 further explained that after one hour, the 3rd accused person, Ousman Sanneh, came and went upstairs without their notice, adding that after some time he came to them with a black nylon bag, which he said contained cannabis.

“He accused us of breaking into the exhibits store and taking one bundle of cannabis,” the witness told the court.

‘We were detained for seven days, and later granted bail,” PW10 explained.

“On 12 September 2008, we were taken to the Banjul Magistrates’ Court,” he continued, adding that the 1st, 2nd and 3rd accused persons told my mother that I should plead guilty, and they would pay the fine from their own money,” the witness went on.

“After pleading guilty, we were taken to remand,” he added.

“On 26 June 2008 was drug destruction day by the NDEA, as it was a day chosen for the destruction of the prohibited drugs and control drugs that were confiscated by the NDEA officers,” PW10 told the court.

Under cross-examination by defence counsel, Pap Cheyassin Secka, the witness told the court that he saw the 2nd accused person on 26 June 2008 holding a black nylon bag.

“I could remember making a statement at the NIA on 18 March 2010, but I was not shown any material,” he stated.

The witness maintained that he saw the bag, but did not see the contents nor knew the contents of the bag.

The case was adjourned till 25 January 2011.