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NAMS question Baby Scorpions' expenditures

Dec 17, 2009, 2:28 PM | Article By: Alieu Jabang & Sainey M K Marenah

The Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr. Sheriff Gomez has disclosed that a tune of eleven million six hundred and seventy-six thousand eight hundred and twenty-six Dalasi (D11, 676,826) was spent on the national U-17, in both the last African U-17 Championship in Algeria and FIFA U-17 World Championship in Nigeria.

The Youth and Sport Minister made this disclosure before the National Assembly while responding to a question posed by Hon Baboucarr Nyang of Banjul South as to how much public and private funds have been collected and spent on the participation of the gallant U-17 in Algeria and the FIFA U-17 World Cup in Nigeria.

According to the Youth and Sports Minister, information received from the Gambia Football Association revealed that the sum of four million, and fifty-three thousand eight hundred and seventy-five Dalasi (D4, 053,875) was received for the road to Algeria CAF U-17 Championship.

But he said four million and fifty-four thousand, seven hundred and eighty-four Dalasi (D4, 054,784) was spent, leaving a deficit of nine hundred and nine Dalasi (D909).

He further told deputies that a tune of seven million six hundred and three thousand, nine hundred Dalasi (D7, 603, 900) was said to have been received by the GFA during the road to Nigeria, FIFA U-17 World Cup in Nigeria. 

Out of this, he said a total of seven million, six hundred and twenty-two thousand and forty-two Dalasi (D7, 622, O42) was spent, leaving a deficit of D18, 142. 00.

This amounts to a total of D11, 695.877 in total collection and a balance of D19, 051.