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Mysterious wedding planner movie set for premier

Apr 22, 2016, 12:02 PM | Article By: Adam Jobe

The Mysterious Wedding Planner, a movie film set in The Gambia, has for the past few weeks being prepared for its premier this weekend at the Paradise Suites Hotel.

The movie written by a Gambia-based Ghanaian, Princess Single, a 25-year-old actress, writer, producer and entrepreneur will be first premiered in The Gambia because of the love she has for the country.

The main concept of the movie is based on the Gambian culture, and is about the Mandinka tribe and a Mandinka bride.

The over 70 cast comprises 50% Gambians, and includes John Dumelo of Ghana and Ebube Nwagbo of Nigeria, according to Ms Single.

The planning is centered on a Mandinka wedding bride, which is very catchy because people do not know much about Gambia and the culture.

“I went really deep into the whole Mandinka bride system, like what they do, on the day before the wedding, the day of the wedding and how the bride dresses, the culture and dances; all of that is featured in the movie. Technically, it is to sell out The Gambia,” she said.

Ms Single said in 2010, she represented The Gambia in a reality TV show in Nigeria called the next movie star in Africa; and out of 30 contestants from all African countries, she emerged as the 2nd runner up and part of her price was a two-year movie contract.

According to her, that was basically how her acting career started, and she started to act because she wanted to show the whole Africa that “we also have great talent in The Gambia”.

She said the movie teaches people to be content with what they have, and always be happy for the success and happiness of loved ones around.

The movie also shows that hating someone’s success and happiness is not a good thing, and whatever bad you do it will surely come back and haunt you, because nothing good lasts forever.

She explained that she did not have any challenges writing the film. “It took a lot of my time; I was always indoors writing and making research online, but it was not boring; I enjoyed every bit of it.”

“The only challenge I encountered after writing the movie is getting support from companies,” she said, adding: “I had written to over 20 to 25 companies, and I have two or three that came to support, which I really appreciate because most of them have been following what I have been doing.”

It is her intention to take the Gambian movie industry higher, Shyngle said, and she intends to take the Gambian movie industry to Hollywood someday. It will be a dream to see Gambians celebrated in Hollywood, she added.

“I would also love to open a film school and a movie theatre in The Gambia someday.”

Princess urged all Gambians to come out in their large numbers to support and grace the occasion, adding that they would see things that will really amazing to them, especially the Gambians featured in the movie.