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Murder suspect convicted

Feb 23, 2012, 12:22 PM | Article By: Malamin Conteh

The Special Criminal Court on Monday convicted and sentenced one Dodou Secka on a charge of murder.

In his judgment, Justice Emmanuel Nkea said the convicted person, Dodou Secka, on 31st August 2009 at

Tabacco Road
in Banjul, caused the death of one Jaja Cham by stabbing him with a knife.

He said the convicted person vehemently denied the charge, adding that challenging the plea, the prosecution called six witnesses.

The trial judge added that the testimony of the accused before the court was similar in many respects with his statement to the police.

He said the accused admitted stabbing the victim with a knife on his neck, but denied doing so in his testimony before the court.

The presiding judge further stated that from the totality of the evidence adduced by the witnesses, and from the careful study of the documentary evidence submitted in this case, it seemed that exhibit B, the autopsy report, was a conclusive evidence of the death of the deceased.

However, he said  he could also have died from severe hemorrhagic shock, due to extensive laceration of the left jugular blood vessel, adding that the death of the deceased to his satisfaction being affirmatively established by the prosecution and this, he shall hold as fact as far as this case was concerned.

Justice Nkea said there was abundant evidence received that the convict person intended to inflict grievous bodily harm on the deceased person, adding that in the view of the above, the court was satisfied that the prosecution had sufficiently proven their case with a high degree of certainty, as required by law.


He consequently sentenced Dodou Secka as follows:

“To be detained at the pleasure of the President of the Republic of The Gambia in terms of section 255 (1) of the CPC.

“The Attorney General and the Minister of Justice is hereby invited in terms of section 255 (1) of the CPC, to forthwith issue directive as to the place and the manner of further detention of the convict.

“The court shall in terms of section 255, Sub-section (2) of the CPC, issue a report within seven days to be forwarded to the Attorney General and the Minister of Justice by the Master of the High Court and the registrar of the High Court.

“The copy of the judgment to be forwarded to the Attorney General and the Minister of Justice by the Master and the registrar of the High Court and there shall be no further order,” declared the judge.