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Murder case reaches climax

Jul 9, 2012, 12:53 PM | Article By: Malamin L.M Conteh

The Special Criminal Court recently received the address of both the prosecution and the defence in the alleged murder case involving Babucarr Senghore and others.

In his address, Major Bojang told the court the accused persons were charged with murder, and the prosecution called 8 witnesses in support of their case.

He said three out of the eight witnesses were eyewitnesses to the incident, whose evidence is consistent and truthful.

Bojang submitted that PW2 said he met the 3rd accused, Sheriff Manneh with a wooden bench and he followed him and later found the deceased in a pool of blood.

He added that after the closure of the prosecution’s case, the defence opened its case, but the 3rd accused opted to rest his case on the case of the prosecution, submitting that the prosecution had succeeded in proving their case against the accused persons.

He said the defence’s issue of self-defence did not arise in this case, adding that the 3rd accused was never attacked.

He then urged the court to convict them accordingly.

In response, defence counsel L.S. Camara, stated that this was a simple case and the prosecution was revolving around 3 witnesses.

Counsel also submitted that there was no doubt the deceased, Sahou Gaye, died and there was no doubt that he was hit with a bench by Sheriffo Manneh.

However, he added that PW4 said he saw the deceased with an axe and a broken bottle advancing towards the 3rd accused, submitting that the 3rd accused should therefore defend himself.

Counsel Camara argued that the 3rd accused did not conspire with anybody and no fatal injury was inflicted on the deceased.

He said to secure a conviction, the prosecution must have their case proven beyond reasonable doubts.

He then urged the court to acquit and discharge the accused persons.

The case was then set for judgment today.