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More witnesses testify in PIA case

Jun 4, 2012, 1:15 PM | Article By: Dawda Faye

The second prosecution witness in the President International Award (PIA), Kawsu Fadera, testified on 31 May 2012, before Magistrate Ngube of the Kanifing Magistrates’ Court.

He stated that he lives at Brikama and he is an administrator at the PIA, adding that he recognised the accused persons, who were alleged to have demonstrated without permit against the reinstatement of Abdoulie Bah, the former CEO of the institution.

Fadera testified that on 10 May 2012, he was at the PIA and he undertook the handing-over exercise to reinstate the former CEO.

When he went to Banjul to collect Mr Bah’s letter, he explained, he said he found Mr Bah at the PIA reception.

He adduced that he went to his office with him and he told Mr Bah that he went to Banjul to collect the letter for his reinstatement. He said further that when they entered in his office he handed the materials and facilities of his office and proceeded to other areas.

Still adducing evidence, Fadera said they went to the computer lab and handed the facilities.

He posited that they went to the motel and handed over all the materials and proceeded to the skills centre and motor mechanics and collected the keys and handed them over to Mr Bah; that is, the computer keys and another key to some containers.

Abass Sandeng was in possession of the keys but was not available, he said, adding that he told Mr Bah that Mr Sandeng was the one having the keys and they were the ones left for him to hand over.

He stated that while he and Mr Bah were in his office, he heard the students chanting against the reinstatement of Mr Bah, while moving on the road.

Fadera stated that he phoned the ministry and informed them and Commissioner Mbye. He further adduced that some security officers came and found him and Mr Bah while the students and some staff were moving towards Banjul.

It was not clear to him as to what the students were shouting about, he said.

He said further that he made a statement at the police.

He then identified the accused persons in the courtroom and said he had no idea whether they obtained a permit to demonstrate, but he did not authorize them to demonstrate.

When he was questioned by the magistrate that he would not know whether the students were going to Banjul, since he was in his office with Mr Bah, he said he was told by his secretary, and did not know whether his secretary went out to see if the accused persons were marching to Banjul.

Being the third prosecution witness to testify, CPL Fakebba Jatta said he could identify the accused persons, adding that all the accused were students.

He said that on 10 May 2012, he was instructed to go to Denton Bridge because there were some students who were on their way to Banjul to demonstrate.

CPL Jatta stated that his colleagues joined him and they left for Denton Bridge where they stopped the students from marching to Banjul.

He further adduced that they brought back the students to the PIA in their vehicles.

He posited that the students had banners but was quick to describe the banners as the T-shirts the accused were wearing.

The fourth prosecution witness, Ousman Yarboe, from the Police Intervention Unit, told the court that some of the accused persons were wearing uniforms and civil clothes, and some had banners.

He narrated almost the same evidence as did the third prosecution witness.

The case was adjourned till 21 June 2012.