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More facilities for National Assembly Members

Sep 13, 2012, 9:57 AM

We share the views that our National Assembly members should be given more facilities to ease their work.

We are of the belief that both the serving MPs and the former MPs should all be given more allowances to boost their morale, and enable them meet some of the challenging needs of their people.

The National Assembly members should regularly visit their constituencies to meet their people, and discuss with them their problems.

But if they are not well support to undertake such initiatives it would be difficult for them to make regular visits to their areas, which is very important.

National Assembly is a very important institution in any country and MPs, therefore, need more incentives.

While we do not know what benefits our MPs are currently receiving, we quite know that most of them do struggle to get to work.

In many countries, other than salary and daily allowance, members of parliament are also provided a car, constituency allowance, pension allowances and office expense allowance.

These amenities are provided to members with a view to enabling them to function effectively as MPs.

In fact, in some other countries, members are given accommodation and health allowances just to motivate them to work better, as people’s representatives.

So, while we know that the country’s resources are limited, some of these amenities should be given to our MPs to ensure that they do their work effectively.