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Moral decadence

Mar 11, 2013, 10:12 AM

We are greatly concerned about the decadence of moral life in today’s society. And as true Muslims and Christians, we have been told that morals, such as respect, honesty, truthfulness, gentleness, generosity, humility, the list goes on, are some of the characteristics which Allah (SWT) has commanded us to do.

The society in which we live in today is being guided by cultural norms and values. But the trend is that some of these values are gradually fading away, because of the lack of morality.

Things such as rape, homosexuality, sleeping with someone’s wife, a father impregnating his son’s wife, dishonesty, disrespect to elders, among others, are all becoming common in present day Gambia.

Sadly, these are issues that should have no ground in our society, as they are immoral and unIslamic, to say the least.

As a religious country, the Gambian citizens should be able to manifest good quality of moral acts, through good manners and dress code.

However, it’s disheartening that many people, especially young boys and girls, are now deviating from traditional dress code that covers all sensitive parts of the body, like the breasts, the waist, the buttocks and other private parts, as they succumbed to other foreign cultures that do not have respect to decency.

We are very much worried that our young boys and girls are now in the habit of exposing their buttocks, locally known as 'yutal or check down'.

The parents and leaders of our society, especially traditional rulers, must act now before it is too late since the direction that most of our youngsters are taking is very wrong.