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Meat scarcity again!

Jul 20, 2010, 12:17 PM

It is bad news to learn about the latest scarcity of meat in the country, considering the trend of price hikes for other basic commodities Gambians have been grappling with in recent times.

Information reaching this paper has it that the meat scarcity over the past few days has hit almost all the markets within the Greater Banjul Area.

In spite of this development, reports are widespread that meat is indeed in the country. Though the purpose of any business is to make a profit, this should not be used as an excuse to keep the poor masses in the stranglehold of exploitation for the selfish interest of a few.

Meat is only one out of a host of other basic commodities whose scarcity should be urgently looked into with a view to bringing an end to this serious problem. The prices of staple commodities like rice, and items such as vegetable oil, flour, onions, potatoes, meat and fish should see a drastic reduction, especially now that the Ramadan is just at the corner.

In the interest of the entire citizenry, the relevant authorities ought to do more than they have done so far to effect a change in the scarcity of meat, which is one of the basic commodities, whose price continues to soar beyond the means of the poor Gambian.

Perhaps the encouragement of investors to establish more factories in the country would do the trick in making the price of other commodities affordable, and thus contribute to the development of our dear country.

This will not only ensure stability in the price of basic commodities, but also ensure that there is enough stock of commodities in place at any given time to put an end to unnecessary scarcity in the country.

A reduction in the price of basic commodities and its availability to the people, especially the poor, will undoubtedly be in tune with the times, as we move towards the holy month of Ramadan.

"A man loves the meat in his youth that he cannot endure in his age."

William Shakespeare