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Mbye Nderr to Descend on Gambia

Apr 7, 2008, 11:07 AM

How fast time flies when one is in good company. In little less than three weeks, the Senegalese Mbalax icon Alieu Mbye Nder and the Setsima Group, will once again converge on the Gambian soil for yet another eye-opening concerts of lifetime experience.

Organized by New Desire Njoofen, Alieu Mbye Nder and his ensemble, will stage live concerts at Jama Hall, Jokor Brikama and Jokor Westfield respectively.

"The concerts will kick-start on 25 at Jama Hall and will be repeated to audiences at Jokor Brikama on 26 and then Jokor Westfield on 27," Entertainment was hinted.