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Man and the love for God

Aug 25, 2010, 2:26 PM | Article By: Augustine Kanjia

Mankind was created by God, the Almighty. His creation was handed to man to tend and care for it in full, thus the invention of different things to let mankind enjoy the world that was created for him. The world has since been under the control of man but has man lost sight of the freedom given to him from the onset. Man loves God by all examples but has it been sustainable? Prophets upon Prophets came and had contact with God but God was not seen. His voice was heard particularly when giving the Ten Commandments on Mount Sinai. He ordered Moses to leave his shoes behind because the ground was a Holy Ground. Let us see what lies ahead of man in relation to man's living freely on earth with little supervision.

"The more one becomes free the more you become responsible," Our Religious Knowledge teacher (Rev. Fr. Joe Keane CSSp of blessed memory), reminded us on a daily basis. God gave us the freedom to live without supervision except with the supervision of the Holy Bible. A lot has been said in the Holy Bible to mold man and live for God and in God forever. Take for example, where the Holy Bible says, "Love your neighbour as yourself. This is certainly a golden rule given by Jesus Himself. Who would love others without loving himself? Who would give snake to another, in an absolute enmity and says, "I love God and my neighbour?" Because he loves himself, he would think twice not to harm another since he cannot harm himself. But man has gone the wrong way and most of the time man shows that the world is in his care and can do according to their sentiment or the power they have over certain situations. Man still cries aloud for the love of God and proclaims by their going to Church that they are in the Lord. The Gospel tells us that going to heaven is not an easy task because narrow is the path that leads to the Heavenly Kingdom.

To be a Christian is really a challenge because you need to adhere to the norms that are not in conformity with man's enjoyment. We see how people have been killing each other in the name of war and how others have betrayed their family members, and how brothers fight against brothers and sisters for a family property, which is entirely vanity upon vanity all is vanity. God is put behind and man's ego takes charge. Those that love God without pretence are certainly striving to show that God lives in them and they live in God. There are a lot of set backs in the love for Christ that would lead man to God.

Man's love for God should truly be born from the intrinsic point of view as mandated by Christ Himself, the golden rule applies. God created man in his image and likeness, and man has often forgotten that insulting his brother means insulting God. Others would not mind betraying their friends at work only to gain by way of promotion, while the others are left to suffer. Christians should see the love of God at work as Christ Himself showed the example to the world. He trusted God till the end and by that He cured the sick, woke the dead, made the deaf and dumb speak, and converted pagans, walked on the Sea, fed the hungry with a few loaves, prayed and believed in the power of God over Him. He said on the Cross, "God forgive them for they do not know what they are doing." And "Into your Hands I commend my Spirit." That was the final handover to God the Father.

There was once a very devout Christian, he believed in nothing but the saving power of God, without listening to the actions around him. One day there was a very dangerous flooding in their village. Suddenly, the water over took houses. The fine young man climbed into a very high cotton tree. He prayed several days for help. All his family members and other villagers had died in the flood. The water came quite close to him and he tried to climb a little higher. Each time the water advanced, he continued to climb and prayed as ever. He eventually climbed to the top as the running water broke some branches around him.

He felt very tired and hungry and prayed the harder. There was a boat that came to his rescue with no one inside it. He shouted that he was only waiting for God to come and not the boat. The boat eventually left. A raft came with some food on board but he refused to take or go on board, that one too left. God then sent a long rope from heaven when the water was near his nose now. He shouted and said "I am waiting for saving Hands of my Father who is in heaven. He was eventually washed off the tree and killed by the flooding.

The young believer woke up before God and God asked him, "My young man why are you here when I did not call for you?" He was then trembling as he gave his answer. "I was waiting for you to come and save me and take me to Heaven." God then recounted all He did to save him. And God said I sent my hand to help you when I sent the boat, you rejected to come on board. I sent the raft with food you rejected it and I sent the big brown rope and hung it in front of you but you rejected it all. Well, you killed yourself. "Man's love for Me should be on top but should also note that I go through people and others to manifest my love," God said.