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Make the Tourist Experience a Pleasant One

Oct 23, 2008, 6:04 AM

The tourist season is beginning and we pray that it will be a good one. The economic downturn in Europe may affect our business this year but hopefully not too much. As the tourists arrive we ask the authorities to ensure that the bumsters and other swindlers are kept away from the tourists. Many surveys have shown that tourists quote the harassment they receive at the hands of these individuals as a reason why they would not return to The Gambia for a holiday.

Our tourism is vital to our economy so we must ensure that we maintain it at all costs. We all have a role to play in making the season a success. People come to The Gambia not only for the sunshine and pristine beaches but also for the friendly vibrant people that live here. We must all be aware of tourists and their needs and ensure that we shield them from unwanted attention at all costs.

To all those in the tourist trade we say treat tourists with respect and don't overcharge. If we nurture our tourist trade it will serve our nation very well but if we mistreat it, it will shrivel.

Our goose is laying a golden egg we must all work to ensure that we do not slay it.