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Lumber jack to pay D16,000 fine

Apr 18, 2008, 6:51 AM

The Kombo East District Tribunal sitting in Sohm village has sentenced a lumber jack to pay a fine of D16,000 for illegal forest activities.

Mamadou Yassin Jallow could serve more than 12 months in jail if he defaults in fine payment.

The convict had earlier pleaded guilty to charges of illegal felling of trees, unauthorized charcoal burning among others.

Acting under the powers vested in him by virtue of section 111 ( F) of the Forestry Act, the tribunal chair, Basirou Jarju, convicted Jallow to pay a fine of D6000 for illegal tree felling in default to serve 12 months in jail. He was also fined D5000 for the value of the trees he cut. Besides, Jallow was sentenced to pay a fine of D5000 for using an unlicensed machine to cut trees.

Failure of fine payment means he will go to jail for 12 months.